Charter Member Benefits

By signing up for Charter Membership and being among the first to join the beautiful Rydal Waters neighborhood, you’ll be eligible for a long list of exceptional perks.

  • Enjoy a $500 monthly fee discount for as long as you live in your cottage
  • Receive a $10,000 credit toward design upgrades, packing, planning and/or moving
  • Customize your own interior design package and finishes
  • Be invited to future resident events and receptions
  • Receive a monthly fee waived for the first two months from the occupancy date*
  • Be eligible for Life Care “Now”**

*Refers to the date your cottage home is available for occupancy

**Subject to approval

Don’t wait! The earlier you become a Charter Member, the better your benefits package will be. You’ll be able to lock in the perfect lot, in the perfect spot, and enjoy incredible savings and other special perks.

For more details about the benefits of the Charter Membership call us at 215-376-6292.